How to get a job in lockdown

If you are looking for a job now, you have my sympathy. Dealing with the financial pressure of losing your income is one thing, but the impact on your mental health is entirely another. By the time you progress to interview stage, chances are you will have applied for — and been knocked back from … Read more

Alarm Bells Ringing!

Alarm bells ringing across financial markets in recent days, the US dollar has found its footing, reflecting its haven status whenever equities and investor sentiment take a knock. But that may prove fleeting given the longer-term forces stacking up against the world’s reserve currency. Since climbing to its best level since 2002 in the wake … Read more

Skills Training Boost to Combat Rising UK Unemployment

Colleges and businesses have urged ministers to increase college funding by nearly 40 per cent and give newly unemployed workers cash to retrain, as criticism mounts of Government efforts to tackle rising UK unemployment. The CBI, Association of Colleges and Trades Union Congress on Sunday backed demands from the Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank … Read more